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John Michael Higgins

Zardo is a recurring character. He is presented as an evil character similar to his best friend, X the Eliminator, who appeared as a villain in the original Birdman cartoon.

Character[edit | edit source]

Zardo always wears full body armor, and has a spiked mace as opposed to a left hand. His only visible feature is a pair of eyes visible from an open eyevisor in his helmet. Zardo is X the Eliminator's best friend. Unlike X, he seems to have abandoned all villainous intents. It is sometimes implied that Zardo and X are roommates, although this depiction tends to flip back and forth with X living in his mother's basement. Zardo seems to support X during his low points, both physically and emotionally. It's implied that Zardo is physically attracted to X, taking every opportunity to stare at his rear end when possible. He also takes deep personal offense to instances where X disregards their friendship, such as X claiming that he is "all alone", and when X regards him as an enemy.

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