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Vulturo, prince of Darkness







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Voiced by

Neil Ross

Vulturo is one of Harvey's former villains turned rival lawyers.

Background Edit

Vulturo's primary set-back is a speech impediment that he seems entirely unaware of; he has a thick, pompous accent (reminiscent of and perhaps inspired by the speech patterns of actor James Mason) and though he will often start talking in a normal posh voice, he soon trails off into incomprehensible gibberish. This seems to have little effect on his success rate as a lawyer. He lives in a subterranean lair, somewhat similar to the Batcave. His original assistant, Dirth, was a robotic vulture but is now a cigarette lighter.

Trivia Edit

  • He was the first rival that Harvey faced in the series.
  • Vulturo enjoys tomato soup and eating cheesecake with his mother.

Video Game Edit

As in the show, Harvey's first opponent in the game is Vulturo. He is the prosecutor in a case against Peter Potamus who is accused of burning down Harvey's duplex.