Tanning Crème was a recurring joke in Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law. It was first seen in the episode SPF.

Name Edit

"Crème" is the French word for "cream," and it is pronounced so that it sounds something like "cram" or "krem." Harvey Birdman's French pronunciation of "crème" mocks the practice of using French words on American product labels - such as "parfum" for "perfume" - in order to make a product seem European and, thus, of better quality.

Variants Edit


The French Stuff

  • Basic
  • Bronzoluxe Tanning crème.
  • The French stuff

Use Edit

Its use is rather simple:

  • Open the container and squirt.

Harvey Birdman, whose powers come from the light of the sun, became addicted to this tanning crème. Peanut implied that George Hamilton, an actor who is famous for his tan, was also an addict.

Quotes Edit

  • (Harvey hands Peanut $100 for tanning crème) Peanut: No,no my friend. The first taste is always free with P to the N-U-T

Appearances Edit

  • SPF
  • The Death of Harvey (Mentioned)
  • Two Birds, One Throne (video game)
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