Tanning creme(Tanning Cream)

Tanning creme (Cream) was a recurring joke in Harvey Birdman:Attorney At Law.It was first seen in the episode SPF.


It is called tanning cream but for some unknown reason they call it tanning cram.It has a pretty minor role in the series other than being a slightly recurring gag.


  • basic
  • bronzoluxe Tanning creme.
  • The French stuff


It's use is rather simple:Open the container and squirt.It is also known to be some what of a drug do to it's after effects and addiction.


  • (Harvey hands Peanut $100 for tanning creme)Peanut:No,no my friend.The first taste is always free with P to the N-U-T


  • SPF
  • The Death of Harvey(Mentioned)
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