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Shado The Brain Thief

Shado The Brain Thief.

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The Brain Thief

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Toby Huss

Francis X. Shado (voiced by Toby Huss) is a lawyer who has telepathic abilities, an evil leprechaun hired by Freezoid, Zarog, & Skon for his power to mentally manipulate jurors.


Shado brain theiving.

Shado appeared as a Prosecutor working for Murro the Maurader, who had been crippled by Harvey during his superhero days and looking to get his revenge in court. Willing to do anything to win, he outright ignored requests for discovery of medical records and anything harmful to his case. His abilities are much like those of Mentok, which naturally cause a great deal of friction with the judge. However, unlike Mentok, Shado uses his abilities to antagonistically harass opposing counsel and jury in his favor. Shado is apt to sway juries with his 'brain-thieving', such as increasing feelings of sympathy towards his client. Shado typically does not speak using his actual voice, instead choosing to mentally broadcast his boisterous and booming voice into people's heads, which is shown to cause them physical pain. His telepathic voice is typically accompanied with a great deal of body language, waving his hands in every which direction with every word. He is still well-capable of speaking, typically doing so only when he loses control of a situation.