Professor Elliott Taggart the Deadly Duplicator
Duplication Services
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The Deadly Duplicator

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Lewis Black

Professor Elliott Taggart the Deadly Duplicator is another former villain who got a real job (duplication services). He is a villain from Birdman's superhero days who continues to be his enemy.

Background Edit

Elliott is referred to throughout the series as Eel-ee-ott (mostly by Harvey) since his name tag providers misspelled his name on his name tag and "had to send out for a new one". He constantly corrects Harvey saying, "That's Elliott! Two L's and Two T's!" He has an obsession with quantity and must have two of everything. He hates Birdman partly because of his refusal to accept duplicate photo prints, the renting the only copy of "Double Indemnity" at a rental store, dating "not just one, but both of the Doublemint twins" and his final "crime" for mispronouncing his name. He wears a pair of glasses that fire a double ray which instantly creates living, thinking duplicates of whomever it's aimed at; the duplicates and the original often have difficulty determining which of them is which. He works for a duplication service company, rides solo on a bicycle for two, and lives in a house that has two of everything, including chimneys.

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