Peter Potamus

Peter Potamus

Peter Potamus (voiced by Joe Alasky, Chris Edgerly) works at the law firm of Sebben & Sebben as a lawyer. The former star of Peter Potamus, he has taken the role of annoying co-worker, as well as an accomplished lecher and glutton.


He often uses the catch phrase, "Did you get that thing I sent you?" He takes this catchphrase to a personal level (he gets upset when someone doesn't get the thing) and to almost a spiritual level (whenever he is portrayed as a god, the catchphrase is almost the whole focus of the religion). Potamus is often unexpectedly caught mating with women in the office, often on a desk, followed usually by a quick "What the-", or the occasional "Mein Gott," German for "My God." He has a love/hate relationship with Judy Ken Sebben, and later in the series he acquired the ability to transform into the savage "Incredible Hippo" when angrily provoked. He had fingers up until late in season 3, after which they were replaced by flat, fingerless hands.

"The Burning Question"

In the video game, Peter Potamus is accused of burning down Harvey's duplex.

That Thing

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A highly recurring gag is that Potamus will ask if "You got that thing I sent ya?" It has rose to have become the most recurring joke in the series.What that thing is usually isn't revealed.It is been shown in most episodes.See That Thing


  • At the end of Incredible Hippo is a scene where Potamus, looking sad, walks away to music similar to "The Lonely Man" score that ended each episode of The Incredible Hulk.
  • His appearance in the first season and second season are vastly different.
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