Hiram Mightor
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Bannon Custody Battle







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Gary Cole

Judge Hiram Mightor was a Hanna-Barbera superhero of the Sixties known as Mighty Mightor, one who lived in prehistoric times and got his powers from a magic club. Along with Mentok he is one of the Judges that hears Harvey Birdman's cases.

Personality Edit


Judge Mightor laying down justice

Judge Mightor uses a club as a gavel of sorts and speaks with a Southern accent (as opposed to the cartoon from which he is derived). He dresses in traditional judge's robes and wig. Mightor is always coughing up various objects which in some way are part of the trial, including a squirrel, a clown car, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, and a miniature Mightor which proceeds to cough up another, even smaller Mightor. He has a problem remembering names, often mangling Birdman's name into "Mister Birdbath," "Mr. Bumnuts," "Beanbag," "Mr. Buttermilk," or "Bootylicious". On occasion, when a double entendre is made about something related to male genitalia, the scene will briefly cut to Mightor in a setting holding a long object upwards (for example a golf club (in "SPF"), a pool noodle (in "The Devlin Made Me Do It") etc.), while swirling it around slightly and saying, "Deedle-deedle-dee."

Past Edit

Hiram Mightor was the main protagonist from the show Mighty Mightor.

He is implied to have had past dealings with the mafia. He was set to serve as the judge presiding over Fred Flintstone's case in The Dabba Don (a reference to the fact both were Cave men), but refused to help keep Fred out of jail, claiming he had gone clean. As a result, Mightor was crushed by the mafia under a stone slab (which he repeatedly gave a muffled "Hello?"). Mightor made sporadic appearances throughout the series after this, and apparantly fell into corruption once more, such as taking bribes from the Guitar commission to clear Quickdraw McGraw of all charges, as well as committing adultry with both Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble.


  • Mightor was voiced by Gary Cole, who also voiced Harvey.
  • Mightor was often the presiding judge only during periods where Mentok was unable to

Video Game Edit

Mightor makes an appearance as the judge of the first case "The Burning Question". He proceeds to call Birdman, "Mr. Bombs-Over-Baghdad", "Mr. Bumnuts" and "Mr. Bam-Bam". After the case is over, no one knows who won so Mightor performs "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" and calls the case in Birdman's favor (afterwards, he winks).

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