Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson is the seventh and final member of The Multi-Culture Pals group of ethnic superheroes. He was also seen in one episode (SPF) as Harvey's counselor to help him get over his addiction with Peanut's tanning creme and a cameo appearance in Devlin Made Me Do It.

The character is shown wearing a purple blazer with yellow - presumably gold - buttons, a pastel-purple turtleneck sweatshirt, a yellow belt (or possibly waistband), purple spandex-like pants, and yellow boots with distinctive flaring.

Jesse Jackson is depicted perpetually holding or materializing a small, tri-colored rainbow between both palms (possibly in reference to the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and its representing logo, of which the real-life Jesse Jackson had founded), which he positions below his waist, obscuring his crotch area. While Jesse has been shown to move his hands and arms from this static position in order to accomplish basic tasks or to produce certain hand gestures, it seems that his doing so dematerializes the rainbow. While it is not explained nor depicted exactly what happens when the rainbow disappears, Jesse does seem to prioritize keeping the rainbow stable, quickly re-positioning his arms in such a manner for the rainbow to recover from its rapid dissipation.

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