Harvey Birdman (Gary Cole) is one of the lead criminal defense attorneys at the law offices of Sebben & Sebben.

Harvey T. Birdman
First appearance

Bannon Custody Battle







Voiced by

Gary Cole


Harvey Birdman

Harvey Birdman


Harvey and his evidence



Harvey is a failed third-rate super hero, who has traded in his volcano base for a corner office in the law firm of Sebben & Sebben. Now a third-rate lawyer, he is determined to solve the case to which he has been assigned though occasionally he loses sight of the people in the case whenever more personal problems appear. He is constantly living in fear of getting fired. Aside from being a mediocre lawyer, Harvey struggles socially as well. He also is not too quick on the uptake when it comes to Mafia-like threats. Some characters, like Boo Boo and Magilla Gorilla, have revealed a bisexual side but he is part of a marriage to a gorgeous redhead named Gigi.



Harvey's powers

He gets strength and power from sunlight, and grows weak if kept away from the sun for too long. His superpowers include flight, the ability to create a shield of solid light, and the ability to shoot destructive energy beams from his fists. These powers are thought to stem from the crest on his helmet, though Harvey isn't entirely sure of the crest's true role in his powers. He also has large wings growing out of his back, genetically inherited from his father.


Havey avenger

Harvey and Avenger

Rival Lawyers


List of People Harvey has Represented

  • Dr. Benton Quest
  • Apache Chief
  • Shaggy & Scooby-Doo
  • Boo Boo Bear
  • Shoyu Weenie
  • Fred Flintstone
  • Phil Ken Sebben
  • Secret Squirrel
  • Inch High Private Eye
  • Ernie Devlin
  • Speed Buggy
  • Ding-a-Ling Wolf
  • George Jetson
  • Grape Ape
  • Doggie Daddy
  • Yakky Doodle
  • Quick Draw McGraw
  • Wally Gator
  • Ricochet Rabbit
  • Morocco Mole
  • Captain Caveman
  • Mr. Peebles
  • Race Bannon & Benton Quest
  • Top Cat
  • Clamhead
  • Tinker (Represented by Harvey's Clone)
  • Mentok the Mind Taker
  • Atom Ant
  • Hair Bear


  • Favorite films are Birdman of Alcatraz and Michael
  • Likes Wilfred Brimley and The Simpsons
  • Considers Darius Rucker and Connie Chung influences.
  • After his "successful" defense of Apache Chief, the chief along with Black Vulcan created The Multi-Culture Pals
  • He is involved in an 8 way marriage to Gigi.
  • There was a brief period where Harvey was a “bachelorette party entertainer.”
  • It’s unclear whether he ever completed – or even attended – law school. But, in the Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law Volume 2 Boxset, the digipack case inside is made to look like a fake book written by Myron Reducto called " Reducto Guides-3 Hour Law School" with a picture of Harvey saying "I Got My Degree Over Lunch!!!"
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