Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is a 2008 video game developed by High Voltage Software for the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. It was published by Capcom of America, who also published Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney which the game heavily mirrors often to comedic effect (however the game chooses to focus more on Street Fighter cameos). Most of the cast from the show returned to reprise their characters, with the notable exception of Stephen Colbert, which led to Phil Ken Sebben and Reducto being recast.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The gameplay is similar to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. To proceed through investigations, Harvey will use "Examine", to inspect evidence found in various locations; "Talk" to communicate with suspects or allies; "Move", to quickly go to a different location and "Evidence", to see what evidence is in his possession.

In court, Harvey will what evidence and information he has gathered in his investigation and use it to cross-examine witnesses. If what a witness says doesn't match up with evidence or previously revealed information, Harvey can "Object" and force a witness to tell the truth. If Harvey needs more information from a particular statement a witness has said, he can "Press" to find out further. Harvey's time in court is measured by 5 crests which are taken away every time Harvey slips up. If all 5 crests are taken away, Harvey will fail and the defendant will be found guilty.

Cases[edit | edit source]

  • The Burning Question: Harvey's duplex is burned down by a mysterious arsonist and Peter Potamus is implicated. Having been "saved" by Potamus in "Harvey's Civvy" and "Return of Birdgirl", Harvey has no choice but to help Potamus.
  • Cleaning Crew: Harvey's office is robbed and he is forced to defend those accused of robbing him.
  • From Glammor to Slammor: Yakky Doodle is arrested for robbing a bank, due to mistaken identity. Things get worse when Freezoid twists Birdman's words to make it sound like Harvey isn't a real lawyer and he is sent to jail.
  • Personal Piracy: Peanut is arrested for copyright infringement. Things get more complicated when clones get involved.
  • Two Birds, One Throne:
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