Gigi (voiced by Debi Mae West) is a recurring character, first appearing as a trainer in a gym. She is based on the character Gravity Girl (hence the name: G.G.= Gigi) from the original Birdman and the Galaxy Trio.





Gigi angry.

She has at least ten husbands and frequently philanders with practically all male characters on the show except for Harvey (despite his being one of her husbands). She takes advantage of Harvey for his money and usually calls him "Harry" or "Henry." Her Galaxy Trio team-mates Vapor Man and Meteor Man have occasional cameos as her current/former casual boyfriends, Vince and Terry. First appearance: "Trio's Company."

Who Gigi is married to


Gigi's wedding.

Video Game

Gigi makes a major appearance in the first case, "The Burning Question". She testifies that she saw Peter Potamus starting the fire that burned down Harvey's duplex. In testifying, she admitted she was Harvey's wife, which surprised him and that it was on record. However, evidence was revealed to show that Gigi actually started the fire only for insurance reasons because when they were married, Gigi signed an insurance form that entitles her to half of whatever "Harry" Birdman owns which Birdman proudly states is not his name.

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