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[[File:Birdman1.jpg|thumb|left to right: [[Peanut|Birdboy]], [[Phil Ken Sebben|Falcon 7]] and [[Harvey Birdman|Birdman]]
[[File:Birdman1.jpg|thumb|left to right: Birdboy, Falcon 7 and Harvey Birdman|Birdman]]
[[File:Birdman2.jpg|thumb|left to right: [[X the Eliminator|X]], [[Mentok]], [[Myron Reducto|Reducto]], [[Phil Ken Sebben|Cheetah 100]] and [[Vulturo]]]]
[[File:Birdman2.jpg|thumb|left to right: X, [[Mentok]], Reducto, Cheetah 100 and Vulturo]]
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Birdman: The Legend of the Bird is an animated web series featuring the adventures of Birdman.

Differences than the cartoonEdit

  • Birdman, Falcon 7, Reducto, X and Mentok are aged to teen years.
  • Birdman's real name is Harvey Manfred.
  • Falcon 7 has a brother named Cheetah 100, Bill Ken Sebben.
  • Reducto is an elf.
  • Mentok is Indian.
  • X was a bandit who wanted to kill Birdman.
  • Avenger was named after Birdman's idol, Blue Avenger.





left to right: X, Mentok, Reducto, Cheetah 100 and Vulturo

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