Avenger is a large blue eagle, who is Harvey's old sidekick, who now serves as his legal secretary. Avenger sits on a perch on Harvey's desk, and sleeps in a canary cage in the office at night.

First appearance

Bannon Custody Battle





Voiced by

Frank Welker



Avenger's tasks usually involve taking dictation or filing. Avenger is badly hindered by his inability to speak (except in the episode "Mufti Trouble", where Avenger temporarily developed the ability to speak), even though it is clear that he can understand, or at least perceive, the meaning in the speech of other characters. Avenger can type and write English by claw, and Harvey seems to understand every "caw" he says. As a running gag, Avenger will commonly snatch the cute animal sidekicks of the people Harvey represents (Scrappy-Doo, Chim-Chim, etc.) in his talons. He also dislikes the fact that he has to sleep in a cage. He has an on-again off-again rivalry with Peanut. In The Devlin Made Me Do It, Peter Pottomuss hides an egg underneath Avenger, and Harvey mistakes this as being layed by Avenger. To confirm his gender, he asks Peanut if he has ever seen any "Swingy Thingys" on him. Peanut responds by saying he thinks he sees a retractable panel. He then proceeds to attack his cloaca with a drill. This was mainly a gag, and Avenger was not harmed.

Superhero Past

Back in his superhero days, Avenger joined his master Birdman in the never-ending fight against evil and to "spread the light of justice into the darkest recesses of the human soul."


  • Avenger often kills small side kick dogs such as Chim-Chim and Scrappy-Doo.
  • Avenger is once seen eating a cheese burger with a bulge in the side of his beak despite not having cheeks.
  • Avenger has very flexible leg which he can move in almost all directions. This is shown especially when he successfully drinks a cup of coffee.

    Avenger with his morning joe.

  • Although referred to as purple, he usually takes on a Colbolt blue tinge.
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