Apache Chief


Voiced by

Maurice LaMarche

Apache Chief has made several appearances on the show Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. He was originally a member of the Super Friends and along with Black Vulcan he is the co-founder of The Multi-Culture Pals.

Background Edit

He is one of the few heroes in the show to actually do superhero work, though he admits to taking various odd jobs to make ends meet (including, but not limited to, pornographic films). He first appears as the subject of the episode "Very Personal Injury". He spills hot coffee on his lap, preventing him from "growing larger", a double entendre that becomes a running gag. He tries to sue the coffee shop that served the drink, but the case is dropped when a beautiful witness makes an impassioned speech in court about his plight, causing him to become so "excited" that his power returns. He also makes several sporadic appearances in the background of other episodes, and now has a deep fear of coffee.

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