Antonio de Ribera Garcia Azul Falcón (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is a Spanish lawyer who is very charming and popular. Also known as the superhero Blue Falcon. Falcon is a constant thorn in Harvey's side, succeeding at everything he fails at.



Antonio de Ribera Garcia Azul Falcón


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Falcón was first introduced as a new partner in the Sebben & Sebben firm. Falcón often relies on his sidekick Dynomutt. He has a penchant for giving away "expensive and beautiful" silk clothing, which is often a cue for throwing an impromptu party (upon which he yells "Now, we make PARTY!"). Phil states that he has a "sissy European lisp thingy."


Azul Falcone

Antonio de Ribera Garcia Azul Falcón as a restroom attendant

An incompetent lawyer, he was later demoted to a men's room attendant in the Sebben & Sebben building.



Antonio de Ribera Garcia Azul Falcón testifying

  • Plays a major role in the final video game chapter - "Two Birds, One Throne". Maurice LaMarche returned to voice the character.
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