Antonio de Rivera Garcia Azul Falcone


Voiced by

Maurice LaMarche

Antonio de Ribera Garcia Azul Falcone is a Spanish lawyer who is very charming and popular. He was originally known as the superhero Blue Falcon. Originally a huge thorn in Harvey's side, a constant run of poor luck cast him down from his lofty position in the company.

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Falcone was first introduced as a new partner in the Sebben & Sebben firm, a position Harvey was assured was going to go to him. Falcone often relies on his sidekick Dynomutt, who is shown to have frequent uncontrollable spasms that often result in Harvey's bodily harm. He has a penchant for giving away "expensive and beautiful" silk clothing, which is often a cue for throwing an impromptu party (upon which he yells "Now, we make PARTY!").

In truth, Falcone has no genuine skills as a lawyer, largely relying on a combination of crib notes carried by Dynomutt and his seemingly infinite charisma to win both cases and friends.

After Dynomutt's death by Harvey after the latter had been pushed too far, he wound up being appointed as his defense lawyer in the ensuing trial. Falcone made no genuine attempt to help Harvey in court, revealing his bitter and spiteful side in the process.

Demotion Edit

Azul Falcone

Antonio de Ribera Garcia Azul Falcone as a restroom attendant

Falcone lost face during a botched attempt at one of his usual grandstandings; he attempted to throw a party along with buying silk undergarments for everybody in the store, only to realize his wallet had been stolen (by Peanut) and forcing security to bear down on him. Things failed to improve for Falcone, as the next time he was seen, he had been demoted to a bathroom attendant in the Sebben & Sebben building, desperately seeking approval from those around him, including the newly promoted Harvey.

Falcone had later planned to blackmail Phil into promoting him through the use of several compromising photos, although Phil's untimely death stopped him from ever going through with it. He later vented his frustration to the newly promoted Harvey, who by then was controlling the firm. Harvey offered Falcone his old job and office, as he no longer needed them, which Falcone responded to with both gratitude and a declaration of vengeance. Harvey was later relieved of his position by Judy, who through Phil's final wishes was handed full control of the firm, only to later discover that Falcone had taken possession of his office nonetheless.

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Antonio de Ribera Garcia Azul Falcone testifying

  • Falcone plays a major role in the final video game chapter - "Two Birds, One Throne". Maurice LaMarche returned to voice the character.
  • His cultural background is a bit ambiguous. His first name, the phrases in Spanish, his accent in some episodes, as well as the bullfighting setting and the musical theme of a story he tells point him out as a Spaniard, but his last name is Italian, and he often speaks Italian.
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